1. Hi! My name is Sheesh! I am just about the luckiest dog in the world. I was rescued by my owner Max from a puppy mill in Georgia and now live in a very swanky , very exciting city they call the Big Apple!  I was named Sheesh because sometimes I find myself in situations that would elicit a loud SHEESH! from Max.

    Like the time Max left her grocery bags on the floor and I ate chocolate covered raisins because they looked like treats!  Or the time I lifted my leg to pee on what I thought was a tree trunk but turned out to be a hipster wearing tree trunk printed pants!

    Sheesh! I couldn't resist!

    I have lots of friends human and canine. You will meet some of them here! Like Pete the Treat Truck man who named his truck after me Cause I was his best customer!

    Yuki is my best girlfriend…I am crazy about her and when you meet her you will see why!

    And of course I wouldn’t be here without Max. The best Doggie Mom I could ever ask for!

    Stay tuned for updates! I have lots planned for my fellow Sheeshters! Leave me a comment or two. I’d love to meet you all!

    XO Sheesh!

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